Source code for transmute_core.contenttype_serializers.yaml_serializer

import yaml
from .interface import ContentTypeSerializer
from ..exceptions import SerializationException

[docs]class YamlSerializer(ContentTypeSerializer): content_type = ["application/x-yaml"]
[docs] @staticmethod def dump(data): """ should return back a bytes (or string in python 2), representation of your object, to be used in e.g. response bodies. """ return yaml.dump(data, default_flow_style=False).encode("UTF-8")
[docs] @classmethod def main_type(cls): return cls.content_type[0]
[docs] @staticmethod def load(raw_bytes): """ given a bytes object, should return a base python data structure that represents the object. """ try: return yaml.load(raw_bytes) except yaml.scanner.ScannerError as e: raise SerializationException(str(e))
[docs] @staticmethod def can_handle(content_type_name): """ given a content type, returns true if this serializer can convert bodies of the given type. """ return "yaml" in content_type_name