Source code for transmute_core.context

from .object_serializers import get_default_object_serializer_set
from .contenttype_serializers import get_default_serializer_set
from .response_shape import ResponseShapeSimple

[docs]class TransmuteContext(object): """ TransmuteContext contains all of the configuration points for a framework based off of transmute. It is useful for customizing default behaviour in Transmute, such as serialization of additional content types, or using different serializers for objects to and from basic data times. """ def __init__( self, serializers=None, contenttype_serializers=None, response_shape=None ): self.serializers = serializers or get_default_object_serializer_set() self.contenttype_serializers = ( contenttype_serializers or get_default_serializer_set() ) self.response_shape = ResponseShapeSimple
# a global context is provided, if a singleton is sufficient # or deviations from the defaults are unnescessary default_context = TransmuteContext()