What is transmute-core?

transmute-core removes the boilerplate of writing well-documented, easy to use APIs for Python web services, and easily integrates with any web framework. It takes a function that looks like this:

from transmute_core import annotate
from transmute_core.frameworks.flask import route

@route(app, paths='/multiply', tags=['math'])
def multiply(left: int, right: int) -> int:
    return left * right

Into an API /multiply that:

  • validates and serializes objects into the proper object
  • has an autodocumentation page for all APIs generated this way, via swagger.

The example above is for flask, but transmute-core has integrations for:

To learn more, see the Getting Started.


transmute-core is released under the MIT license.

However, transmute-core bundles swagger-ui with it, which is released under the Apache2 license.